A stay in the forest

Give yourself a break in the middle of nature. Reconnect yourself with what is most important. Discover wild life again at only an hour away from Metz, Nancy and Strasbourg.

Answer the call of nature!

Sarrebourg Moselle Sud is a paradise for those who like to wander wide open areas, being alive and free as a bird. Let’s take a forest bath in the middle of the Vosges mountains in Moselle, for a stay that will mix the discovery of nature, the art of well-being and regional cuisine!




Discover the gem of the Bièvre valley

Getting back to nature in Walscheid

Located in the Bièvre valley, on the west side of the Vosges mountains, Walscheid is only about fifteen kilometres away from Sarrebourg.

Take your time and let yourself be carried along to this scenic village. Nestled next to the forest in the Massif des Vosges, the rustic Wellness Cottage welcomes you in the upper part of the village. Hiking and bicycling lovers, the region will show you the most unexpected trails to explore nature, feet on the ground and head into the fresh air!

What a pleasure to be in nature after a long road trip! Enjoy the silence far away from city centres. The call of water is the loudest once you unpack your luggage to recover from the trip - go to the pond of Walscheid! This soothing small pond will give you a taste of your stay – blue, green hues and peacefulness.

All that oxygen makes one hungry! In the centre of the village, the "Café de la Grotte" is not to be missed, just as their traditional Flammkuchen served on weekend evenings, to eat in or to take away.

In the evening, it is time to relax inside the outdoor sauna. You can also enjoy a massage included in the service during your stay.

Crédit : Sarrebourg Moselle Sud

Day 1 – Move your body

After a full night’s sleep soothed by the wildlife, it is not unlikely that a deer may have wandered next to the cottage. Lace up a good pair of hiking shoes! Nature on its own is great but it is even better with a little bit of History. At the bottom of your accommodation, follow the path that leads you to the Gallo-Roman cemetery in Walscheid. About 3.7 miles long for two and a half walking hours, this path will enable you to discover the Hengstbourg cross, pink sandstone rock formations, and the Beimbach hamlet before reaching the main part of the hike – an authentic Gallo-Roman cemetery! It is the last remains of an impressive Gallo-Roman village. It has a rather wild appearance with its moss-covered stelae.

Download the details of the hiking trail  Download our hiking application

Immerse yourself in the heart of the forest in Abreschviller

After the walk, head towards the village near Abreschviller to enjoy a generous meal served in the restaurant "Auberge de la Forêt" , which proposes locally grown trout and doe stew from the nearest woods. Once you are full, it only takes a few minutes to reach the forest railway in Abreschviller. A real icon in the Vosges mountains, this train used to carry logs.


credit : ACFA
train touristique d'Abreschviller
Emmanuel Stourm 2020 Licence Open Data
cimetière gallo-romain - Walscheid

Day 2 –Facing the Donon

Climb to the top of the sandstone Vosges mountains

End up your stay in the heart of Moselle’s forest and reach for the sky to admire the wide spaces all around you. Take the path to the highest point in the area: the Donon, the region’s “sacred mountain”. Rising to 3310 feet / More than 1000 metres high, it towers over the Low Vosges mountains. Admire the landscape from the top of this ancient Gallo-Roman temple - a photo souvenir is worth a try ! On your way down, walk along the Blancrupt valley. There, in the depths of the woods, you will stumble upon the Kiboki. This haven of peace is a restaurant where seasonal specialities are served.

You will get back with an invigorated mind, your senses awakened and the desire to come back to this haven of peace that are the forests of the Sarrebourg Moselle Sud area.


Make sure to visit the Saint-Léon cave in Walscheid, a masterpiece of Mother Nature near your holiday cottage. Formed by erosion, it is the deepest natural cavity in the Vosges mountains. A majestic oak tree, several hundred years old, seems to stand guard its entrance. From this point, enjoy a splendid panorama over Walscheid and its surroundings.

One of the most beautiful villages in France, Saint-Quirin is a small picturesque village in the middle of a lush green landscape. Take some time to stroll around and explore its outstanding heritage, especially its church and associated priory which contains a gem classified as a French historic monument - the Andreas Silbermann organ. Then take the cobbled path which leads to the Haute Chapelle that stands on a hill overlooking the village and the Vosges mountains.


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