A must-see in Moselle

Sainte-Croix animal park

Experience a fabulous day of adventure and discovery
through forests, ponds and meadows!

With over 350,000 visitors a year, the Sainte-Croix Wildlife Park has become a benchmark in France and Europe over the last 40 years for the presentation of European fauna and globally threatened species.

Nestling in the heart of 130 hectares of greenery, 4 discovery trails lead you to meet over 1,500 animals from 100 species living in semi-liberty. Bears, deer, lynx, wolverines, lemurs, red pandas and several packs of wolves will no longer hold any secrets for you!

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Spend an unusual night surrounded by animals

56 nature lodges nestling in the heart of a 130-hectare wildlife park of unspoilt countryside. Dare to take a trip out of time to (re)learn how to reconnect with the simple but essential pleasures of Nature.

Unique experiences await you: unforgettable tête-à-tête encounters with a pack of European grey wolves, timberwolves, arctic white wolves or black bears; waking up to a herd of semi-liberty deer and hinds living on 30 hectares of plains; getting up high to observe and listen to the inhabitants of our forests from the treetops...


The Wild Expedition Safari Train

Set off on an adventure on the trail of Europe's animals during a one-hour safari-train expedition. All aboard!
This wild ride takes in the great outdoors and promises unique animal encounters.

A comfortable and safe 1-hour safari-train ride accompanied by a naturalist guide, over 50 hectares of nature and 3.2km of track.
Meet 12 animal species in a conservation area for European bison and Przewalski's horses.

Immerse yourself in over 15,000 years of history, gain a better understanding of the relationship between man and nature and ask yourself questions about our past, present and future.

©Parc de Sainte-Croix

What are the must-see species at the Parc Animalier de Sainte-Croix?

More than 1,500 animals of 100 different species live in the park. Here's a taste of the animals not to be missed during your visit to the Parc Animalier

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