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On a boat in the Sarrebourg region

Take a walk along the river banks and canals of the Alsace-Lorraine region

Let yourself be amazed by the Terres d’Oh destination, a small corner of France where life is sweet. Terres d’Oh is the ideal destination to travel in a different way and to discover the wide open spaces from Sarreguemines, to the edge of the Saarland in Germany, passing by the Alsace Bossue, Sarrebourg Moselle Sud, and by the Phalsbourg and Saulnois areas.

Follow the rhythm of water and discover a small part of this fascinating destination. Here is our recommendation for a weekend out of time to enjoy boating at its fullest.

Day 1 – Arrival at Réchicourt-le-Château from Lagarde

Sail free as a bird !

Useful information : 4 locks - Navigation time : 4h30 - Distance of the itinerary : 10,75 km

You can start sailing at 7:00 am. You will have 4,5 hours of sailing and will have to pass through 4 locks. A piece of advice : allow a little more time for sailing because of the locks.

Cross lock 11 at Maizières-les-Vic, lock 9 at Moussey, lock 8 at Bataville and lock 7 at Réchicourt-le-Château.

In the late morning, moor your boat at Réchicourt-le-Château and enjoy your first stop in this splendid natural setting. Here you are on the site of the Grande Ecluse in Réchicourt-le-Château. Several hiking trails are available to observe the beauty of this site and its surroundings. Dress up to stretch your legs!

The Grande Ecluse is a remarkable engineering structure on the Marne-Rhine canal, opened in 1965. With a waterfall of between 15.45 and 16.18 metres, it is considered to be the highest Freycinet lock in France.

Surrounded by water and nature, the arboretum is an ideal place to recharge your batteries! It is located on the edge of the Réchicourt-le-Château pond, near the Grande Ecluse. You will find a picnic area and a cycle path that leads to the Grande Ecluse on the Marne-Rhine canal. For hikers, the path can be followed on foot. It is a 4.6 kilometres loop path which takes you back to the starting point. This walk leads you through the history of river navigation and highlights all the engineering work carried out by Man through the installations made. After walking along the reservoir pond, the itinerary goes on along the six locks that once allowed navigation.

Download The Grande Ecluse hiking trail 

Another option is to take your bikes and discover the Bataville factory estate, built in 1931 by the Czech entrepreneur Thomas Bata, founder of the eponymous shoe brand. This factory estate is still a rare example of a worker’s housing estate totally isolated from any urban area, but equipped with numerous facilities for the well-being of its inhabitants. The factory employed more than 700 people in 1939 and closed down in 2001. Bataville now stands out because of its unusual industrial heritage.

Take the “Bataville hiking trail” to enjoy all the beauty of this industrial heritage in the heart of a revitalising nature.

Download the Bataville hiking trail

During your visit to Bataville, you can fill up on provisions at the village minimarket.

In the evening, make the most of the sunset and the soothing nature around you as you savour your meal


Day 2 - From Réchicourt-le-Château to Langatte

Experience the thrills of the river !

Useful information : 2 locks - Navigation time : 3h30 - Distance of the itinerary : 14 km

On this second day, you will sail 14 km between Réchicourt-le-Château and Langatte. Enjoy a gentle start to the morning over a breakfast to regain your strength before facing the Grande Ecluse in Réchicourt-le-Château. Head towards Langatte, where you have two locks to pass through on the way, and not the least of which is the Grande Ecluse. Experience a unique sailing experience as you pass through this almost 16 metres high lock.

You will reach Langatte in the late morning. Let yourself be amazed by the wonderful view of the Stock pond, crossed by the Saar Canal. Moor at the place known as Les Trois Ponts and get back to Langatte.

A beautiful walking - or cycling - path leads to the Domain of Langatte, where you can enjoy a 100 % relaxing session thanks to the dedicated facilities - saunas, hammam and massage water jets. You can also enjoy water sports and the beach, as well as the wellness centre. 

If you would like to work out more and walk freely, follow the trail around the Stock pond for a 7.6 kilometre loop. An ideal walk to recharge your batteries between water and forest.

Download the Langatte hiking trail 

Treat yourself to an evening under the stars, starting with a good regional dish at the Auberge du Stock, a restaurant with a generous cuisine and a warm atmosphere, located by the pond. End up with a bowling game at the Langatte leisure centre.

crédit : langatte tourisme

Day 3 - From Langatte to Mittersheim

Immerse yourself in nature between land and water !

Useful information : 12 locks - Navigation time : 3h30 - Distance of the itinerary : 12 km

In the early morning, head for Mittersheim, a journey during which you will pass through 12 locks. As you leave Langatte, you can admire the incredible biodiversity of the area, a biological mosaic between land and water told through an open air exhibition of 15 photographs, which will guide you on your journey to Mittersheim. These life-size photographs can be seen along the banks of the Saar Canal from your boat. There are QR codes at each lock, which once scanned, will give you more information on the natural wealth of the area, including its fauna and flora.

Moor in Mittersheim, from the marina you can take the “Cornée d’Argent hiking trail” to discover the Mittersheim pond and the beauty of the surrounding nature. Do not hesitate to take a break during your hike to enjoy the pleasures of water at the Lac Vert leisure centre. Many water activities are available for an invigorating break : canoeing, kayaking, paddling, pedal boats, etc.

Download the "Cornée d'Argent" hiking trail Download our hiking application

If you are more inclined to go to the centre of the village of Mittersheim, take the time to stroll among its most striking monuments : the wash house and its calvary, the forge, the well, the church, a house with a Saracen chimney, and several half-timbered houses. You can also discover its man-made heritage linked to water : locks 13 and 14, a weir, and a military valve, remnant of the Maginot Line, etc.

Another beautiful day spent on the banks of the canal ! There is nothing better to mix the pleasures of sailing with the discovery of a territory. This is where your weekend on the water in the Sarrebourg area ends. Carry on with your itinerary in Terres d’Oh and head towards the Alsace Bossue region and the town of Sarreguemines.

Crédit : L'himpala Photographie
Crédit:Dominique Lorentz
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